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engaGE15 Election Forum with CARE

In his capacity as Chairman of Churches Together in Medway, Director Peter Marchand was privileged to host CARE’s EngaGE15 Election Forum on 25th February 2015.

In a current rapidly changing political climate, and with the General Election only a few weeks away, many Christians are seeking God as to how to cast their vote.  We have a mandate to be involved in the out-workings of society, but when no one party or leader appears to stand out as upholding the laws and principles of God, what should we do?

CARE helped people face up to and think through the relevant questions and issues.

Whatever the outcome on 7th May, one thing we must do is pray for those in authority, that we may lead a peaceful, godly and dignified life (1 Timothy 2.2).

Breaking news…

Rev Peter Marchand was elected onto the Council of Churches in Communities International in November 2014

Director Rev Peter Marchand was recently appointed Chairman of Churches Together in Medway  This is a non-stipendiary, three year post.

Background and history

For many years, we have had the privilege of being invited by an inter-church group of leaders in Medway to coordinate major city wide events (see reports below). Additionally, in 2004 with the opening of the Universities at Medway which brought an influx of students from overseas, God asked the director to open a new church to cater for and accommodate many of these students. At the same time, increasing numbers of  people of international origin were moving into the area for work and cheaper housing. Consequently, together with two pastors from Uganda we opened the Victory Outreach International Church England (The VOICE)


Medway 2012 More Than Gold


5000 people passed through the main marquee over the course of the 5 day event, climaxing on the Sunday morning when 1250 believers from a wide variety of different churches and congregations across Medway joined together for an act of worship. The Bishop

of Rochester was pleased to be amongst them and shared briefly a relevant and timely word from God. Gavin Peacock, formerly
of Gillingham and Chelsea FC fame and now a Pastor in Canada flew over to be our main speaker that day.
Children averaging nearly 200 each day had stories, games and craft activities, with many acknowledging their desire for Jesus to come in and lead their lives. Similarly, during the afternoons teenagers from churches and the local area gathered for football and
street dancing, and each day had a pertinent presentation from young role models about the real meaning of following Jesus. The evenings were filled with praise and worship, and clear gospel preaching from recognised national evangelists. Prayer continued day and night throughout the week in a separate tent. The hog roast and evening with Lou Fellingham and Phatfish were likewise
well attended.
God was thrilled with His people stepping outside of their Christian comfort zones for the sake of those who hitherto did not know Him. We thank Him for the privilege of being asked to co-ordinate, and at the end of each day we could say, “It is good.”

Global Day of Prayer – Medway

Global Day of Prayer - Medway

Inn promote and support various prayer initiatives, including the Global Day of Prayer.  From 2005 to 2010, we coordinated Global Day of Prayer Medway.  Each year, hundreds of believers from across the generations, nations, and denominations gathered on the Day of Pentecost (“they were all together in one place” Acts 2: 1) in a variety of venues.  The final two years were held in and around an open air marquee pitched on the highest points overlooking the Medway Towns (“Get yourself up on a high mountain, O….bearer of good news, lift up your voice mightily….” Isaiah 40:9).

Priestfield 2000

6½ thousand believers from right across the denominational spectrum flocked to fill Priestfield Stadium on the morning of Sunday 21 May 2000 to make a bold, clear and practical statement in answer to the question once posed – “The Millennium – will the church be there?” “Yes,” they said, “we are here.”

They sang traditional and modern hymns and spiritual songs, prayed for the welfare of Medway, heard the Chief Executive of Medway Council read from the Psalms, listened to Rob Frost preach an outstanding gospel message, and witnessed a moving testimony from a now ex-Gills player. In attendance were the Mayor and Lady Mayoress of Medway, local MP’s, the Chief Executive of Medway Council and many departmental heads, the Bishop of Rochester and many area denominational overseers.

The afternoon and evening saw a further 3½ thousand come simply to celebrate 2000 years of Jesus Christ in music, song and dance.

Guest Artistes – The Faith Mission of Uganda Youth Team